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How is this diesel engine stalling pattern caused by dirty air filter?

I happened to be negligent enough to leave the air filter unchanged in my Hilux KUN26, engine 1KDFTV — for 5.5 years and 47k kms (30k miles). The vehicle was seemingly all fine until one day I started ...
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Hilux Turbo Driver Board 89878-71080

Does anyone know what is the no of the 5V Voltage regulator (T101) on the Driver Board for the Toyota Hilux Turbo Driver unit 89878-71080 Steve
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No throttle Response at low RPM, Normal performance at normal high RPM

I own a 2007 Hilux, 1kd-ftv 3.0 diesel. Recently my car was occasionally stalling or trying to stall at idle, and having complete engine hesitation from time to time, where the engine would rev when ...
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Toyota Hilux 2KD-FTV and Fortuner 1KD-FTV Vn Turbo Problem (P1264)

I have been dealing with this problem on Toyota hilux for almost 5 months and last week I encountered Toyota Fortuner with exactly the same problem. They both throw DTC P1264 - VN Turbo Malfunction ...
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Gear oil boiling and burning in front differential

When I engage 4WD on my (normally rear-wheel drive) Toyota Hilux (KUN26R) and give it some hard job to do (like drive the front wheels on a 10cm high sleeper lying on the ground, or just turn the ...
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toyota Hilux 2008 trayback model brake problem

Problem with brakes going flat to floor- have bled and just replaced my drum brakes, other brakes done also but brake pedal still goes flat to floor???? please could you give me some advice as to ...
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Why wont my Toyota dual cab 2004 3.0lt turbo diesel wont go over 100km/hour

I have just bought a new Hilux, its had work done too it aswell as been RWC approved and registered. But i notice yesterday coming back home that it was struggling to get up to 100 or over. I am ...
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'92 Hilux moves with gear in Park

This is a 1992 Toyota Hilux Surf Turbo Automatic. Just a quick question, chasing a fault on a Hilux: won't start off the key went through all fuses, relays and wiring, replaced old bushes in ...
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