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2012 Toyota Avalon Headlights Hid

I have 2012 Toyota Alon with HID headlights. I have had this car for years, but here lately I've noticed the lowbeams are hardly working the start strong but slowly goes to where you can barely see ...
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HID headlights wont turn off

Have Mustang 2016. Had to replace my 35w HID for 25w (legal reasons) and now headlight wont turn off until I disconnect battery or pull fuses. All parts are made by Osram and Plug'n'Play. Normally you ...
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Adaptive HID headlights not working after rain intake due to a crack in the housing from an impact. Can anything be salvaged or repaired?

I have a '13 Buick Lacrosse with a touring trim. It comes with adaptive HID headlights with a blue rings (whatever it is, it's very hard to find). There is a rather large crack in the polycarbonate ...
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How to switch to mercury-free Xenon HID bulbs?

The vehicle is a Volvo XC90 year 2003, from UK. It uses Xenon HID headlamps, with D1S bulbs, which use a small amount of mercury. I would like to switch to mercury-free bulbs, like D3S or similar, ...
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