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Can anyone help me identify this ballast. Is it a AC ballast or a DC ballast?

I have this ballast in my car for Xenon lights. One of the bulb needs replacement and i checked online for the new HID bulb and found out that there are two types (AC and DC)of Ballast and bulbs. I’m ...
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2012 Toyota Avalon Headlights Hid

I have 2012 Toyota Alon with HID headlights. I have had this car for years, but here lately I've noticed the lowbeams are hardly working the start strong but slowly goes to where you can barely see ...
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HID headlights wont turn off

Have Mustang 2016. Had to replace my 35w HID for 25w (legal reasons) and now headlight wont turn off until I disconnect battery or pull fuses. All parts are made by Osram and Plug'n'Play. Normally you ...
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Can low-quality HID bulbs damage the ballasts?

I recently came across a post on a car forum which advised people to stay away from low-cost HID bulbs as replacements for a burnt-out one. The OP claimed that low-quality HID bulbs can cause damage ...
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Troubleshooting dim HID headlights

I have a 2002 Accura with HID headlights. I've noticed, fairly recently, that both headlights are much dimmer than expected. I'm fairly sure this is a recent occurrence. My wife's car also has HID ...
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Adaptive HID headlights not working after rain intake due to a crack in the housing from an impact. Can anything be salvaged or repaired?

I have a '13 Buick Lacrosse with a touring trim. It comes with adaptive HID headlights with a blue rings (whatever it is, it's very hard to find). There is a rather large crack in the polycarbonate ...
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Replacing HID Ballasts

I have an aftermarket HID kit in my VW GTI. The headlight on the driver side went out yesterday, and I took it to a VW service center with a replacement bulb (since the bumper has to come off to ...
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How to switch to mercury-free Xenon HID bulbs?

The vehicle is a Volvo XC90 year 2003, from UK. It uses Xenon HID headlamps, with D1S bulbs, which use a small amount of mercury. I would like to switch to mercury-free bulbs, like D3S or similar, ...
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Does H1 LED Bulb Fit in to existing H1 HID Bulb Projector?

I have HID H1 6000K Bulb. Recently one of them gone bad. So, I'am Planning to replace the HID bulbs to H1 LED. Question 1 : will LED h1 fit my existing H1 Projector? were i had Previously installed ...
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Planning to replace hid bulb to led H1 connector

I have Honda city 2016 model (Indian version). I had changed the factory halogen bulbs to AES projector with H1 connector type. Recently one of my hid 5000k bulb gone bad. I'm planning to replace ...
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Requirements to use 55W Bi-xenon 6000k projector on yamaha r15 v 2.0

I have a problem with my vehicle headlights. Now I'm using a 35W 8000k projector for my bike. This is not having much light output as I wish. I'm really interested to see powerful light output from ...
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Motorcycle Headlight Conversion

I've decided to install a new headlight on my bike. The current setup is two bulbs, one is on for low beam and both on for high beam, with two wires going out of each (h11?). Here is a short video of ...
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H11 socket with D4S headlights?

I would really like to upgrade my mom's Prius headlights to projectors this Christmas. It is a 2008 Prius with factory HIDs in reflectors. The beam pattern is not terrible, but I think that a ...
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What is the point of HID lamps?

I was reading a discussion about different HID lamps and I was wondering why would you use HID lamps in the first place? Is it for fuel/energy efficiency? Is it for their higher brightness? Color of ...
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Is it best to replace HID headlights in pairs?

I've heard that halogen headlights should be replaced in pairs. I've been wondering if the same is true of HID headlights. They are much more expensive, so I would like to avoid having to buy two of ...
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Installing Xenon headlights in 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I was thinking about installing Xenon headlights in my car. I hate other drivers who have them because I go blind, but after riding in my friends car equipped with them, I'm more than ready to take ...
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Kia Soul aftermarket headlights

What are the options (in Canada) for aftermarket headlights, e.g. HID, etc. for the Kia Soul? I find the Soul's headlights to be lacking, and I would like to get something brighter since I do quite a ...
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Upgrade to HID lights in a Jeep Wrangler

I would like to upgrade to HID lights in my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. The stock lights aren't bright at all. My question is, since this would be an aftermarket upgrade, what am I looking at here? Is it ...
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