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Toyota Hiace 2-17 CPU to OBD2 issue

I have a 2017 Toyota Hiace which is a JDM version imported from Japan. I am trying to connect some extra gauges via OBD2 using a scanner tool such as ELM27 and Scangauge3. I also have a third tool and ...
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0 votes
0 answers

Toyota HiAce 2010 - How to install cruise control stalk?

Looking for some advice with a HiAce cruise control. My 2010 HiAce D4D (Diesel) doesn't currently have cruise control installed, but I read that it is potentially prewired, and all it takes is ...
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2 answers

Seeking some specific information about a 1994 Toyota Hi-Ace

I am attempting to matriculate my camper from the UK to portugal and in order to do so they have requested what is known as a "certificate of conformity". Unfortunately i cant get one of ...
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