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Helicoil is a brand-name for a thread replacement system, that bores out a stripped mounting hole and lines the inside with a steel replacement thread that looks like a spring. Every thread requires a tap unique to the thread size and pitch being installed, so they often come in a set of tools suitable for a specific thread wise and pitch.

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Helicoil installed from other side?

I have an aluminium clamp on a bike where the thread has stripped. The steel bolt is okay, but the clamp has very little movement - I can't get a helicoil or drill through one side of the clamp ...
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Drilling through metal for broken bolt on rear suspension mount using a cobalt bit not working

I have an 01' Cobra and when working on the rear suspension had removed the emergency brake cable mounting bracket and small bolt that is attached to the bottom of the lower control arm. Well the bolt ...
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Spark plug repair kit tap will not grip existing threads in spark plug hole

I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra that recently blew out a spark plug. My understanding is that I need to re-tap the spark plug hole and insert a sleeve. I purchased the Lisle 65200 plug hole repair kit ...
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