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How to operate the automatic hatch in a RAV4?

I have had my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for a few months and I took some time to go through some elements I was unaware of. I discovered that I (may) have an automated hatch that reacts to a foot being waved ...
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MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door Hatch, one side DRL/Parking light sometimes on, sometimes fail to turn on

It's a MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door hatchback. I have my front bumper replaced after an accident. And after I got my car back, I noticed that, sometimes, not every time, the front right side Daytime ...
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What could cause these scratches on the rear hatch?

I noticed some weird scratches on a part of a car which is not on the exterior. There are similar scratches on both sides: What could have caused this?
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