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is it a good idea to have crash/bumper guard on rear of hatch back

Crash guards usually causes problem with Airbag deployment prevents bonnet from acting as crumple zone and impacts the chassis of the car badly which is more harmful for passengers according to this ...
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MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door Hatch, one side DRL/Parking light sometimes on, sometimes fail to turn on

It's a MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door hatchback. I have my front bumper replaced after an accident. And after I got my car back, I noticed that, sometimes, not every time, the front right side Daytime ...
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What could cause these scratches on the rear hatch?

I noticed some weird scratches on a part of a car which is not on the exterior. There are similar scratches on both sides: What could have caused this?
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