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What does the lever disk adjust?

The clutch as well as the front brake lever has this rotating disk on it. What does it do?
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Are my motorcycle handlebars twisted?

I'm a learner rider. My motorcycle (110 cc, 117 Kg weight) fell down on left side while I was parking. The road (or call it street) was dirt road. Not to be confused with gravel road. I mean it was ...
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Lowering front frame away from the handlebars on 2007 yamaha R6S

I recently bought a 2007 R6S I was wondering if there is a way to lower the front frame so there is a greater separation between the handlebars and the plastic. When I go for a very tight turn the ...
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How bar ends helps in reducing handle bar vibrations on motorcycle?

I understand the basics of the resonance and how it works. Now the case is, there are vibrations from my motorcycle engine which then gets transferred to the handlebar. The motorcycle came with ...
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Why does my Honda Activa 4G handle vibrate a lot at low speed?

I bought an Activa 4G in January 2018, the vibrations started after 120kms. My 1st service was at 350kms(I did not use much). after the service the vibrations was not there. but after 650kms the ...
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How can I check if handlebars are straight?

My motorbike took a pretty hard hit and I am suspecting that my steering is crooked. How can I check if my handlebars are straight/does not deviate from its originally intended shape?
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Handlebar Internal Weight Bar too long, but is correct part

A while back I crashed the bike, and I've been doing it up in piecemeal fashion. When I came to replace the scratched handlebar weights, I found the internal bar had snapped, at the location of the ...
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Honda vfr 800 vtec 2011

I have just put new risers on my Honda VFR800 and upgraded the pinch bolt for the clip on bars to tritium . Question: Do I need to use thread lock? What torque setting should I use?
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