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Questions tagged [handbrake]

Lever and cable-operated device that applies and locks the rear brakes to maintain the vehicle stationary while parked.

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Mustang 95 hand brake and abs problem lights on

(Sorry for my lack of mechanical English experience) I just bought a 95 Mustang. When I made my first test drive all was well, except a problem with my disc brake (they aren't even) but this doesn't ...
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While driving, my handbrake gets automatically engaged (maybe)

I own a Hyundai Accent. I drove it for around 800kms yesterday. All was fine until I was close to my house. I heard a noise coming from the rear wheel as if the wheel was stuck. After a while, ...
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Accelerated in reverse, quickly with handbrake still on. What damage to manual van?

Accelerated in reverse from a muddy patch with the handbrake still on. Realised the problem when accelerating but going no where. Tried again with the handbrake off and noise while reversing. What ...
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Emergency brake light is on and stays on

The van (iveco daily, sorry don't know the type anymore) of my father has a brake warning light on. Once I removed te cover I saw it was a single wire that was disconnected from the switch. I thought ...
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Trouble replacing my handbrake

I have replaced the handbrake cable on my Vauxhall Corsa and adjusted it from the inside of the car but the back brakes are still not working properly. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem?
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Volvo XC90 Mk1 parking brake too weak

The parking brake of Volvo XC90 Mk1 (2002-2014) is weak by design and can not hold the car properly (manual transmission) even if well maintained. This goes back to the small size of brake drums on ...
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Handbrake causes brakes to stick on accord v6 2008

I bought an Honda accord v6 2008 a few months ago and the owner told me the handbrake didn’t work. He said that if I were to engage the handbrake, the brakes would stick. I didn’t think much of it and ...
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Remove metal sock from Honda Civic 2006 handbrake lever

I've got a Honda Civic 2006 and the handbrake lever cracked near the top. I've got a new button assembly off ebay but it seems as though the old part has snapped off inside the metal lever. To access ...
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2005 Honda accord. Loose handbrake

I have a 2005 Honda Accord, I have noticed that the parking hand brake has no grip and is very loose. It is real easy to lift it up and there is barely no click until it gets really high up. I also ...
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