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1 answer

Adding Pure Antifreeze to Coolant Tank

My car has a slow coolant leak from the radiator so I've been topping up with distilled water until I can afford to have it fixed. Colder weather is here, so I bought an antifreeze test to make sure ...
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2008 Volkswagen Gti blower fan not working

So I was tapping fuses for some rando crap and like an idiot sense I couldn’t find the fuse taker outer I tried using a flat head screwdriver boom popped a fuse, turned out it was for the blower moter ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Mk4 gti airbag replacement after crash

My 20th gti mk4 was wrecked a while ago and the airbag system was set off. I have worked to rebuild the car and the final problem in my rebuild is the airbags. We bought all new airbags and a new ...
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Rear Coil Spring perch for Golf MK5 GTi - what part number?

According to the diagram at (...
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2 answers

My car stutters when accelerating from 3rd gear

Hi there I own a 2003 Volkswagen GTi manual 1.8T. Lately my car has been stuttering when in 3rd gear around 2,500 RPM. Usually the turbo spools at that RPM but instead my car is stuttering, this also ...
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3 answers

2002 VW GTI 1.8T - O2 sensor fault code only when exceeding 70mph

During my last roadtrip when I was driving at about 80mph on the highway (75 speed limit) a pressed the brakes abruptly after being cutoff by another vehicle, then my MIL came on. When I checked the ...
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4 answers

AC blower won't turn on after replacing battery

I have a U.S. 2011 Volkswagen GTI. After the car wouldn't start (starter would crank but engine would not turn on) I decided it's probably time to replace the battery, and did. Car starts fine, but ...
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5 votes
2 answers

2001 GTI not going into reverse, 1st, 3rd, or 5th after clutch replacement

I changed my clutch a few days ago and now it will not engage reverse, 1st, 3rd, or 5th gear but will engage 2nd and 4th with the car on and off. I readjusted the cables but still nothing. What could ...
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