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A model line of high performance motorcycles manufactured by Suzuki Motor Co in Japan.

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2 answers

Suzuki GSXR600 (K7) - Burned regulator/rectifier

I have managed to completely fry the regulator/rectifier on my Suzuki GSXR600 (K7). I suspect that it happened when I blindly splashed into a big water pond, some water probably got on the connector....
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Motorcycle Speed Wobble - How do I figure out the problem?

I have a 2005 GSXR 600. I took it for a test drive and the head shakes around 65mph or so and then goes away when I go past that. It's worse when I'm slowing down without the front brake. When I ...
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1999 gsxr 600 - What is wrong when my regulator keeps burning out? [duplicate]

I recently had my clutch replaced and a new battery put in. Within a month my regulator/rectifier burnt out of it. So, I purchased a new one. After 2 weeks that one burned out also. I replaced the ...
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