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Device used to heat the combustion chamber of a diesel engine to help the combustion process on engine start up.

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Can deposits on glow plugs be used to diagnose engine problems?

In a gasoline engine deposits or discoloration on spark plugs can be used to diagnose problems, for instance lean or rich running, or ignition problems. There are many handy pictures available to show ...
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Will penetrating fluid contaminate engine oil?

Update: I went ahead and changed them without penetrating fluid in the end as suggested in the answer, and they came out quite easily, I'd estimate I needed to use 5-6 Nm to loosen them. Engine was ...
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Gasoline glow engine mechanics

I own a wide array of model engines. Typically those engines are either glow engines using nitro fuel, spark engines using gasoline or "diesel" engines using "kerosene". However I ...
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Having starting problems of my kia ceed 1.6 crdi model 2010

if someone can help me i would be very glad. I appreciate any helpattempt. The car i am using has difficulties sometimes when starting the engine, independent of the engine temperature sometimes it ...
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Megane in limp mode, obd reader says p0380, changed all four glow plugs yet same code and issue persists

i have a Renault Megane 1.5 dci. I was on the motorway and my car went into limp mode, no warning lights came on dash or anything. I plugged in the obd reader and got a P0380 Glow plug/heater circuit ...
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How can I remove a stuck heater plug

My Mazda Bongo (rf5c engine) was having difficulties with starting early in the morning so I traced the problem and thought it was definitely heater plugs as these are the major problem with diesel ...
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How Regularly Should Glow Plugs Need Replacing

How long should glow plugs last in a typical diesel engine? And what might cause them to fail early? I ask because my 20 year-old Ford Courier (an Australian rebadging of the Mazda B-series) needs a ...
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Automatic Car engine cut off while driving

I got a Peugeot 407 2006 (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION), and it has cutoff/stalled 3 times and I am trying to figure out what's wrong. First time engine cutoff/stall: After applying the brakes and coming ...
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Why does my diesel lose electric power when glow plugs are engaged?

When I went to start my van today I was unable to get power. Initially I engaged the glow plugs four times. The glow plugs heat, then the relay chatters. When I turned the key to start there was a pop ...
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How to wire a glow plug?

I basically am looking for terminals where I am supposed to connect the required VCC and GND on this Glow Plug When I check the continuity using the multimeter,it comes out as a single unit. Does that ...
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What is the normal operating temperature of a glowplug?

Once a glow plug is activated how hot does it normally get?
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What is the current and voltage rating of a diesel glow plug?

How much energy is put into a glow plug on average? How can I get that right balance where they work like they need to but I don't blow it out with too much power?
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Is it possible to have glow plugs on all the time for certain amount of time?

I have Audi A4 B7 2005 2.5TDI. The temperature drops below 0 °C where I live. When it's cold (e.g. starting from 5 °C) my car starts having problems starting up. When I start it in the morning ...
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Diesel car struggles to start when cold

Recently had the timing belt, water pump, all valves and rocker arms, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter changed on my 2006 Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDI 140. I've had it back for two days now and it struggles ...
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How did they start diesel engines before the glow plug was invented?

According to this Bosch page, their glow plug was developed in the early 1920's. Yet the diesel engine was around for at least 20 years prior to that; the French used it in a submarine in 1904, for ...
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Has wrong glow plug damaged piston?

I recently had the engine on my VW Golf TDI replaced with a reconditioned engine. After having start up problems for a while, I asked an independent mechanic to have a look. He found that one of the ...
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Hyundai i30, 1600 cc Difficulty starting

Hyundai i30 model 1600 cc Auto. diesel, now done 60,000 miles. About 10 months ago, I had difficulty starting the engine from cold. The temperature would have been in the 50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit ...
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Proper glow plug operation

Are glow plugs supposed to stay on after the engine has started to help with the firing of the first few revolutions?
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Issues cold starting diesel van

Our van has been progressively getting worse at starting up in the morning. It only has issues when the engine is cold. Initially I thought it might be the glow plugs. I tested their resistance and ...
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Golf MK3 battery drains, rapid clicking on start, glow plug light flashes

Does anybody know what would cause the following symptoms? I have a 1996 Golf MK3 diesel (not TDI). I drove the car with no problem three days ago. Today I went to start it, and the battery is ...
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Just bought four BERU Glow Plugs. But they seem to have been used?

Is the color of the heated part normal for 4 glow plugs that are brand new ... ?
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