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How harmful is it to not put oil in spark plug hole of a stored small engine?

I have a small engine inverter generator. This generator is to be used during power outages which happen rarely where I live, and also tested shortly every 2 years (the testing is also to keep the ...
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Honda generator eu3000is start manually but not with electric starter

my honda eu3000is generator work well and start only with the recoil string. The battery is charged and starter crank when I turn the key but so spark no start with electric starter. Once again start ...
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How are engine isolators on Onan Cummins generators fastented?

I have an Onan genset (HDKAU), with an isolator bolt problem. One of bolts keeps falling out - it can't be tightened anymore, as it's skipping in whatever it's supposed to be screwed into. Based on ...
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Cheap carburator or not?

I've got a generator(15 years old. Good shape. Briggs engine) gifted to me. It didn't want to start but I was able to get it started by spraying carb cleaner into the choke tube and it ran alright. ...
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Does an automotive DC generator care about battery voltage?

Can a 6 volt positive ground generator be used in a 12 volt negative ground system? The question pertains to converting a 6 volt positive ground automobile to a 12 volt negative ground system. The ...
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