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Colloquial term for 'gasoline', a liquid petrochemical refined from crude oil and used in internal combustion engines as fuel.

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Why does diesel engine have redline much lower than petrol engine redline?

Why do diesel automotive engines redline at around 4500 rpm whereas petrol ones go to 6500-8000 rpm? Does this have something to do with the compression ratio?
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Petrol vehicles, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a turbo charger?

Diesel vehicle often use turbo chargers. Petrol vehicles frequently do not. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a turbo charger on a petrol engine?
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Check Engine Light for bad gas cap [duplicate]

I am just wondering... a friend told me that a faulty gas cap can cause air in the tank.. is that true? also, can that cause the check engine light to come on?
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Will a 95 4AFE engine work on Euro 4 gasoline?

I am hearing news in our country that they might upgrade our fuel from EURO 2 gasoline to EURO 4. I am worried that it might damage the engine on my 95 corolla, which I still plan on keeping for at ...
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Old gas in 2 cycle engine

I have a 2 stroked engine that sat for over 2 years. I drained the gas and can get it to turn over when I put starter fluid in the carb. it is blowing out a water substance from the muffler and cuts ...
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2001 Subaru Legacy L Wagon - Gas smell and light shaking

So... It is really freezing and has been really cold these past few days. But, my 2001 Subaru Legacy L Wagon started acting up. First, here are things I know been replaced before I got it - Tires, ...
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Is it necessary to pour additives to fuel? [closed]

What additives, if any, should be added and how often?
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What percentage of ethanol can my ford take?

What is the highest percentage of ethanol my car can take? I have a ford escape 2007. I have been putting in either 10% or 20%. Thank you
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What can possibly cause acceleration problem in a car?

I've a 2007 Honda civic (automatic transmission). I had to replace the starter in the car couple of days ago. After the replacement, I feel like I have to press the gas more than before to expect ...
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00 honda accord ex 3.0 coupe fuel pressure problems

My car was caught in the flood that we recently had about a week ago in west phx, az. My car starts, runs, but in the flood my car got water in the oil pan, tranny, so I gave it an engine flush ...
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What happens if you put the wrong kind of gas in your car?

I (like most people) just use regular unleaded gas in my car and always have. But once I accidentally put in the premium kind, mixing it with the unleaded that was already there, and I thought for ...
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What are the benefits of premium (high octane) petrol?

Here in the UK it's common for petrol (gas) stations to offer both regular and "premium" unleaded petrol. The premium stuff is (naturally) more expensive, and I've often wondered what the actual ...
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