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Questions tagged [gasoline]

Colloquial term for 'gasoline', a liquid petrochemical refined from crude oil and used in internal combustion engines as fuel.

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10 answers

What are the benefits of premium (high octane) petrol?

Here in the UK it's common for petrol (gas) stations to offer both regular and "premium" unleaded petrol. The premium stuff is (naturally) more expensive, and I've often wondered what the actual ...
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2 answers

How to calculate the amount of consumed gas?

If we have the cc of the engine, and its running speed, how can we calculate the mass of gasoline in milligrams sucked in each intake stroke and the mass of gas consumed in a given distance, based on ...
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61 votes
6 answers

Why do heavy vehicles almost always use diesel engines?

I have always wondered why heavy vehicles such as large trucks and buses almost always use diesel engines, whereas in light cars there is a choice between diesel and gasoline engines. Engine ...
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What happens if you put the wrong kind of gas in your car?

I (like most people) just use regular unleaded gas in my car and always have. But once I accidentally put in the premium kind, mixing it with the unleaded that was already there, and I thought for ...
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18 votes
5 answers

Why not use gasoline on diesel engines or vice versa?

I've read gasoline engines use sparks to ignite the mixture, but diesel engines use just compression which can't be done in gasoline engines due to high compression ratios which can cause engine ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Haven't driven a car since the start of the pandemic; can it be driven without special measures?

Because they're older, my in-laws have been in quarantine since early March and haven't driven their car at all. It's been sitting in the driveway in New Jersey (USA) the whole time, in mostly above-...
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4 votes
3 answers

What causes more gas consumption - Idling with AC or Heat?

So I have begun doing some research on the effects of idling. So my question is, does idling with the AC or heater on affect how much gas is given off? If possible, please give the percent of extra ...
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2 answers

Motorcycle Gas Pump Auto Shut-Off

Are the automatic shut-off systems at gas stations compatible with motorcycle gas tanks? Specifically, the 2017 Honda Rebel 500, which is a cruiser with a 2.96 gallon gas tank. Here is a video of a ...
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Why did car go quiter and cut out after fuel change?

I did a fuel change and during it was concerned that I may have put diesel in my petrol car because it wasn't clear which pipe was which. However the handle was green and said unleaded so I guess it ...
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Should I really keep my gas tank at least half full?

I've seen a number of sources that state you should keep your car's gas tank at least half full, some of which saying it's only important in winter. Some examples:
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17 votes
4 answers

Why does diesel engine have redline much lower than petrol engine redline?

Why do diesel automotive engines redline at around 4500 rpm whereas petrol ones go to 6500-8000 rpm? Does this have something to do with the compression ratio?
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12 votes
3 answers

Wrong octane fuel

I have a 2014 Fiat Punto and have been using 92 octane gas. I have never read the manual, but am now told I should use 95. Should I use what is in the tank before filling with 95 or is it OK to mix ...
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1 answer

2009 Hyundai Sante Fe - gas smell in cabin after replacing fuel sending unit. has been repaired 4x's now

Fuel sending unit replaced. Since then it has gas smell in car. It has been redone by mechanics four times now but still has a gas smell when the gas level is in the first quarter of the tank. Cap ...
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Why is there a hissing noise when I open my petrol cap?

When I fill up with fuel, there is often a loud hissing noise, as if you are opening a bottle of fizzy drink or something whenever I unscrew the petrol cap. It also seems like there are vapours ...
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3 answers

Evaporator canister purge system advice needed

1995 Blazer - 4.3 L Vortec V6 CMFI (vin W w/ PCM) 230,000 miles There are no trouble codes. This is a OBD-I or 1.5 system from a GM transitional year (I have the OBD-II style connector). I have ...
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How does EVAP interact with a vehicle?

I have an EVAP system (mandated by California) on my Yamaha FZ-07, but only a minimal idea of how it works. First of all, it looks like my fuel tank has a separate "breather" hose separate from any ...
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Is Stabil ethanol treatment a suitable alternative to ethanol-free gas?

I'm not a fan of the E10 ethanol-blended fuel (10% ethanol/90% gasoline) that is extremely common here in the US. I'm no expert, but I've heard and read that it is often damaging when used in either ...
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Would ethanol-free gasoline avoid damage related to low usage?

My Mom recently got a brand new Tacoma and the dealer told her that she might want to consider Ethanol-free gas as it would prevent the engine from becoming "jacked up" (damaged) if not driven for a ...
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Why gas build up in tank?

My car is building gas when I open the gas tank it releases the gas, I know all about purge system and I have tried different cap and also different vapor canister too but problem still insists, for ...
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Bike stops Suddenly after 2 to 3 Km

I have a Royal Enfield 350 Classic,15000km and 4 years old. These days I am facing a problem ,it stops after a few kms. I was on highway and it stopped so I visited a mechanic he said there is water ...
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What control the RPM of an engine?

can you tell me what controls the rpm of an engine? Is it more fuel, more rpm (if so plz explain this to me) or is it controlled by a computer?
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How can I start my lpg toyota Yaris with a broken gasoline fuel pump so I can bring it to the specific repair shop? [closed]

My gasoline fuel pump no longer works so the gasoline no longer arrive at the engine. I’m only 2Km away from the repair shop which broke my pump, so I’m unwilling to spend more than 100€ in towing ...
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