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What is the normal voltage of 5-wire oxygen sensor (lambda probe)?

I have got a 2007 Opel Vectra GTS 2.2 Direct car (which still has a high pressure fuel pump problem, yet to be solved). Petrol, 114 kW, engine Z22YH. After getting an P0130-52 (No Plausibility ...
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Is port injection better for short trips?

My wife and I are considering to buy a car, but most of our trips will probably be around 2-4 miles long (drive a kid to school and back, stop by a supermarket). And, maybe, one longer trip once a ...
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Is it safe to use lubricant or antiseize on DI injectors?

I'm working on a 2010 Range Rover with the 5.0 which has direct injection, but my question is about direct injection engines in general; not necessarily just this model. I'm going to be putting new ...
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Do you still need to tune transient throttle in a direct injection engine?

Transient throttle or acceleration enrichment is a way to model the fuel bubble that's stuck on the intake / valves and doesn't make it into cylinder. So when throttle opened sharply, extra fuel will ...
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Analysis of spark plugs [PHOTO] and fuel trims

Again, this is a 2002 Nissan direct injected engine (QR20DD). By judging spark plugs, I assume that the air / fuel mixture is not rich. May be some kind of a lean condition? But the issue is fuel ...
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Any stable alternatives for Z22YH (GM Ecotec GDI engine) high pressure fuel pump?

the main problem with these pumps (part number 815049) are: 1. Expensive: about 400€ for a new one, very hard to find a working old one. 2. Membranes: the membranes used in these pumps get broken ...
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Recommended gasoline types for BMW i3 --- store gasolines to extend the range

What are the recommended gasoline types for BMW i3 2014 or BMW i3 2015? I search online for a while, but I am not sure what are the types of gasoline we can use for BMW i3 2014 or BMW i3 2015? Is it ...
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