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Malleable material used to seal two harder pieces of material. Can be made of (but not limited to) rubber, cork, paper, soft metal, or sandwiched layers of metal. Can also be found as a liquid which seals as it cures.

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'05 Peugeot 307: Oil in the Coolant

I have a 2005 Peugeot 307 hatchback. Back in May, the head gasket blew so I had it replaced. When the head gasket blew, oil was leaking out and the coolant became very gungy. This gunge was cleared ...
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Formula For Homebrew Gasket Remover

I looked around many shops in my area, and pretty much no one even knew what gasket removing compound was. Are there any effective homebrew formulas for making gasket remover / softener? I found the ...
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Gasket Shellac on Flange gasket Dripping on O2 sensor Jeep XJ

Background I recently replaced some cracked headers on my Jeep XJ. When attaching the new headers to the exhaust with a flange gasket I didn't slide the graphite gasket ring on correctly and it went ...
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Opel corsa 1.4t 2016 mixing coolant into oil

My opel corsa 1.4t with B14net engine is mixing coolant into oil as result oil tank fills above max. I have cylinder head checked and is fine,replaced gasket and oil cooler and temperature is fine. It ...
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need help to identify the correct valve cover gasket for my old honda fit

I have an old 2006 honda fit with a LA-GD1 engine (1.3L) (the one with the 8 spark plugs) and its leaking oil in the main/inner 4 spark plugs, i figured its because the valve cover gasket is failing (...
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Can someone help to find the root cause of this oil leak?

I am trying to locate the root cause from where this engine is leaking oil so that I can buy all the right gaskets. What confuses me is that highest spot where the oil traces are visible is around ...
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Faulty cooling system but not overheating

I've got a Peugeot 2.0L HDI 2003 over the past several months I've had issues with the cooling system, it hasn't overheated until recently but has had other issues. It first started showing signs ...
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Liquid sealant with MLS gasket on intake manifold?

I recently took the intake manifold off my 2009 Honda Fit. The mating surfaces of the lower intake manifold, gasket, and cylinder head were uneven, so I cleaned them via acetone and hand sanded with ...
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97 Honda civic white smoke coming out of the tailpipe

I am pretty sure it is a head gasket is there a quick fix for blown head gasket
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Need/Want to Replace My Valve Cover & Plenum Gaskets

My car is a 2007 Toyota 4-Runner (Limited), 6-Cyl, 2WD with about 150K miles. Per subject title, I recently noticed some oil seepage from my passenger side valve cover - apparently this is a not-...
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Head gasket type versus longevity?

I have to replace the head gasket on my engine and as I'm looking for parts corresponding to my car model I get many different results with prices varying widely from ~26€ to ~136€. Since the repair ...
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Royobi BP42 took off carb cleaned and new fuel lines now starts idols then shuts off but restarts again ould it be gasket where vacuum hole is

Removed carb cleaned reassembled with new fuel lines starts runs for awhile and dies but restarts gasket vacuum hole may be leaking
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Is it ok to seal an oil pan with gasket maker silicone?

I am rebuilding an engine and it is impossible to find any spare parts including gaskets. I am going to use gasket maker and gasket paper for the gaskets but as the oil pan is actually the engine ...
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New catalytic converter on Suzuki Sx4 leaks at connection to header

I'm working on my friend's Suzuki Sx4, 2007. I diagnosed the front CAT as the problem, ordered a new one, and installed it. The car starts up and sounds okay until you give the engine some gas. Then ...
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How to remove EGR valve that’s baked on 2012 Holden Cruze

I have a 2012 Holden/Chevrolet Cruze (2.0L turbo diesel) with a stuck EGR valve. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the EGR valve is on the top of the engine and reasonably easy to access, ...
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2003 cts cadillac 3.2

2 cts cadillac. On the top of the air intake manifold runs a black strip. Underneath that black strip my gasket or O ring has broke. I don't know the name of it and have gone to several automotive ...
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