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Questions tagged [gasket]

Malleable material used to seal two harder pieces of material. Can be made of (but not limited to) rubber, cork, paper, soft metal, or sandwiched layers of metal. Can also be found as a liquid which seals as it cures.

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Should sealant/adhesive be used to set rubber gaskets?

Last time I took most of my engine apart, I used something like silicone/adhesive/sealant to set rubber gaskets (such as valve cover, manifold-intake, oil etc) into the contoured groove, as per some ...
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How can I open my thermostat cover which is stuck due to using too much gasket maker material?

I have to replace my thermostat with a new one. I have removed all the bolts of thermostat cover in my car but the gasket maker material has caused the thermostat housing and thermostat cover to stick ...
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Can lesser engine gaskets be reused?

I am curious if lesser (everything minus head or maybe lower manifold) gaskets be reused upon engine reassembly, if they look in a good shape. In my particular case, I took one (of the two, V6) valve ...
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