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A large multi-purpose vehicle produced by Ford Europe. Should not be confused with the Ford Galaxie, which is a full-sized car from the 50's and 60's.

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Are all these engine problems related?

I have recently had a number of issues with my car's engine, which I suspect could be related but wanted to get some thoughts here on whether they are, and what the root cause could be, before I start ...
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Timing belt. Crankshaft and camshaft pin holes don't meet. How do I get them to meet?

FORD GALAXY 2.0 TDCI WA6 GHIA. I put a new timing belt on without a problem but a warning engine light started showing. I was told on a forum that it was probably because one of the teeth was out of ...
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Galaxy Mk2, plastic thingy next to windshield

I have 2014 Ford Galaxy Mk2. The plastic strip (don't know the proper name for it in English) next to the windshield keeps coming off. The tabs that are supposed to hold it in place may be slightly ...
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Ford Galaxy speed sensor

I am some real need of assistance please. I have been searching the internet and YouTube for months for help but to no avail. I have a Ford Galaxy Titanium 2.0 Petrol Automatic which displays Speed ...
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On a 2007 Ford Galaxy Clutch Replacement

On a 2007 Diesel Ford Galaxy, Do you need to replace the dual mass flywheel also along with the clutch. Thank You
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Intermittent battery light after new battery and alternator

I had a small fuel leak on my 2009 Ford Galaxy which got into my alternator and killed it. It then drained the battery. I got the leak fixed, got a new battery fitted and a new alternator fitted (...
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How to replace center (third) break/stop lamp/bulb in Ford Galaxy 2009

I removed the plastic cover, but didn't find any way to pull out the light structure. No screws, no direct access... Thanks
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