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An expendable (single-use) electrical component that safeguards an electrical circuit by melting or otherwise interrupting the flow of current if the current exceeds the designed limit.

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How to replace the fuse for both indicators on a Nissan Wingroad 2004?

While towing a borrowed trailer yesterday, my indicators stopped working. The noise usually made by them turning on and off also stopped, and the lights for the indicators in the dashboard stopped ...
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Could a fuse be responsible for my VW Jetta not shifting while in drive?

Issue with my VW Jetta (2001) Automatic transmission, gasoline engine My tail lights were out because of a missing fuse. So in the dark I looked to find a good one to replace it with (of the ones ...
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How long should fusible links be?

I've installed a 12" fusible link as a replacement for a fusible link on the line that charges the battery from the alternator. I showed the OEM part to the guy at the parts store and he gave me a 12" ...
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Toyota Tacoma 2007 fuse diagram

I am having bad luck searching online to find a concise fuse diagram for my Tacoma. I am a little frustrated with the abbreviations that are on the diagram on the box cover. In particular, I need to ...
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My 96 honda civic will not start please help!

Ok I will try to make this quick and short as much as I can. so a couple weeks ago I put the drivers side power door on my 96 Honda civic hatch. everything went well until a couple of days ago I tried ...
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Cigarette lighter fuse repeatedly blows

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla. Recently, the fuse for the cigarette lighter blew when I put in a car charger. The fuse powers the cigarette lighter as well as the radio and I think the backlighting on ...
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Car keys off but fuse still lights up the tester when set to ground

So normally when you want to test your fuses, you set the car to on and put the tester clip to ground then put the tester's lead on the fuse. if it lights up then the fuse is working. Well, even when ...
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2 answers

Car Cigarette Lighter Keeps Blowing Fuse

I have a 99 Chrysler 300M. The fuse for the cigarette lighter blew out randomly, so we replaced it. I tested it afterwards and it worked. A few days later I went back out to use it and the fuse was ...
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Brake lights, but no tail lights

I've got a 2001 WJ 4.0, The right brake light wasn't working, so I installed a new bulb, but I must have done something in the process because now all my brake lights work but I have no running lights....
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3 votes
2 answers

Lost electricity to cab and Engine won't turn over

My '94 mazda b4000 recently lost electricity to the cab and the engine won't turn over. I will get in, the seatbelt beeping will start, then that will stop. I will put the key in the ignition and ...
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Jetta turns off immediately after starting

So I parked my Jetta ('06 2.5) 2 nights ago, when I went to start it yesterday morning, the starter seems to work fine- turns over, then instead of idling down, it turns off. Must have tried it 5 ...
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No power to any power outlets in 2007 PT Crusier

I am been trying to figure this out for the past hour. I was driving back home from a conference about a month ago and had a power inverter plugged into the outlet inside the center console when all ...
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What's the correct fusing for a headlight relay?

Summary of the situation: I have a 1975 Ford truck that suffered from the "Ford flashing headlight problem". The factory wiring uses 18ga wires over a very long path and through an under-rated ...
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