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The pump or pumps in a vehicle fuel system that move fuel from the tank to the engine and that may also provide fuel pressure in gasoline engines. This pump may also be called the lift pump to distinguish it from the injection pump of a diesel engine.

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Does the amount of fuel in the tank matter?

As long as there is some fuel in the tank, does the fuel level matter? In other words, is it advisable to make sure the tank is mostly full most of the time, or is this just silly? In other words, are ...
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Do I have a fuel pressure or injector problem, or am I just chasing ghosts?

I just did a fuel volume test on my 98 Mazda 626 2L GF. According Tim Giles book Automotive Service: Each injector is energized for 15 seconds... Variations of more than 5 ml calls for replacement ...
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Is an "engine bay" fuel pump substantially louder than an "in tank" one?

In the mechanics book I was reading, it says that one of the main reasons that fuel pumps were moved from being in the engine bay to in the tank was because the sound was much more muffled when ...
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How can I start my lpg toyota Yaris with a broken gasoline fuel pump so I can bring it to the specific repair shop? [closed]

My gasoline fuel pump no longer works so the gasoline no longer arrive at the engine. I’m only 2Km away from the repair shop which broke my pump, so I’m unwilling to spend more than 100€ in towing ...
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