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Questions tagged [fuel-line]

The pipework taking a vehicle's fuel from the tank to the engine.

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Damage during jumpstart

I used my vehicle jump start another vehicle,the other vehicle started then died out, not cables remained on both vehicles for about 20 minutes before realizing the other vehicle died. Now my vehicle ...
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carburetor Leaking gas oil mix when fuel lines replaced

Disclaimer I know this is for a blower not an engine, but was not sure where exactly to pose the ? I'm trying to assemble the fuel lines for the Ryobi BP42 two cycle blower, someone else took it ...
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What size tee fitting do I need for temporary tank?

I need to hook a temporary tank up to my carbs (for a carb sync). I've got a temporary tank with single 1/4" ID rubber tube (barb on the tank measures 0.340" OD). Of course, the motorcycle is metric,...
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2001 Honda Accord Fuel Line Parts

I'm replacing my leaky, rusty fuel line on my 2001 Honda Accord LX. I'll be using 5/16" copper nickel tubing. I'm looking for fittings to attach to the OEM rear quick connect supply and return ...
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Metal fuel lines jiggle (wobble)

The other day I found out that the fuel line and breather line (both metal hoses) are jiggling (quite much) at the back (for example if I jiggle them above the rear stabilizer bar). There is also a ...
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What is this part for my flare making jig/tool

Getting ready to soak my flare-making tool in some vinegar to clean up the rust. I have the clamp too but it's painted and does not need fixing. My question is: What is the thing I'm holding here used ...
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How to attach fuel line to bottom of car

I have a 2001 Honda Accord LX and I'm changing the fuel lines. I will use mounting brackets, but I have some questions about the screws I should use. What type of screw, how long, and what size pilot ...
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