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A method of mixing fuel and air to be consumed by an internal combustion engine.

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What are some Seafoam Alternatives

I read this procedure for using Sea Foam ( also listed on their website ) to clean the intake manifold, injectors and crankcase. I think this would be useful for my vehicle, however Sea Foam isn't ...
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Strong vibrations when idling even after replacing engine mounts (automatic transmission)

I have a '93 Acura Integra with automatic transmission. Ever since I got it some time ago the car has been vibrating a lot when stopped at a light, for example. The vibration is worse when in gear ...
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Gas pedal not responding

It just doesn't work, as if I weren't even pressing it and it happens regardless of the speed. I have to turn the engine off and on again and it'll work for another 3 or even up to 20 minutes ...
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Is the after catalyst oxygen sensor used for engine mixture control?

People have often stated that the oxygen sensor installed behind the catalytic converter in a common gasoline engine setup has only one function: to test the health of the catalytic converter. ...
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Fiat Punto Wont Start. Fuel Light & Three warning lights flashing

My Fiat Punto 1.2 Year 2000 MK2 (I believe) will not start. The engine turns over but the car won't start. The fuel light is flashing and petrol gauge says empty which isn't the case. There are three ...
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Difference between fuel pressure and fuel rail pressure

In OBD PID wiki page, there are 2 PIDs listed: Fuel pressure and Fuel rail pressure. Are both of them the same? Can someone please give an elaborate explanation of it - What exactly are they ...
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Sticking Injector or dead CIS?

I have an VW 83 gti (mostly stock except for MSD system) that is having some troubles starting. Basically, when the engine is cold, it starts like a dream. I was previously having some very rough idle ...
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How Long to Power the Injectors for a Fuel Pump Volume Test?

I want to do a fuel pump volume test on my 98 Mazda 62 2L GF, but the WSM doesn't say how long to energize the injectors: I'll probably activate the injector by back probing the injector ground wire ...
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P0171 -- System Lean Bank 1

A few questions regarding P0171 -- System Lean Bank 1: If there is a problem with the fuel-air ratio, which this is basically about, why is it limited to only one of the two engine banks of a V6? ...
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