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Liquid products added to fuel in an effort to solve a problem.

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Choice of lubricant for model „diesel“ fuel

I bought some old small combustion engine for model cars/boats/airplanes. They are not operated using nitro fuel and flow plugs but simply by the (adjustable) compression of the fuel which is why they ...
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Effect of ethanol added petrol on vintage cast iron engine bikes

I own a 1993 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Classic. Recently my city switched to 10% ethanol added petrol from the earlier used pure petrol. I very rarely use the bike; approximately one time in every two ...
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Should I use Heet or other cold fuel protection?

It is going to be very cold in Chicagoland over the next few days, with windchills in the -50s (F). There are fuel additives like Heet that claim to protect against the cold, but I'm wondering if it ...
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High concentration fuel detergent effects on oil

I just did an oil change. I was planning on putting some fuel detergent in the tank and run in through before the oil change but forgot. Can I still put it in now without having negative effects on ...
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Is a higher concentration of fuel system cleaner bad?

In my case I used Gumout. On the back of the bottle it says this: Add entire bottle to nearly empty gasoline tank at time of oil change. Refill tank with 18 to 35 gallons of gasoline. Do not ...
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Putting the wrong fuel stabilizer in a motorbike

Say that a friend had been silly enough to skim the text on the bottle of fuel additive, before mixing it into a full tank of fuel for his 40'000 km kawazaki z750. And say that it turned out this ...
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Are fuel additives effective for DPF de-clogging

My car (Citroen C3 II) recently got its "DPF clogging" light on. As suggested in the manual, I have driven at lower gear / higher RPM for some time, and the light shut down. However, since I expect to ...
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Is it OK to use Redex fuel additive in winter?

We're currently in a typical chilly spell here in the UK and I've got a bottle of Redex fuel additive sitting in my cupboard, like this one:
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How do I use redex? How often should I use it?

Bought some redex "shots" for my 2003 Opel Agila 1.2 petrol. Do I just fill the tank and then pour it in? How do I use it? How often should I use it?
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Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner vs Techron Concentrate Plus

I've got both of these in the garage. What is the main ingredient in each of these and what is the difference between them? Techron/Chevron goes out of their way to obfuscate the difference. Techron ...
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Fuel system question

See red arrow in the image. I place fuel additive in my car, all of the additives went into that pipe (in the red arrow image) because i didnt know how to place it. Will it still work? or just a waste?...
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additech fuel additives - good idea or not?

When you get gas from a Wal-Mart that has a gas station you can pay extra for fuel additives. $14.99 for a "fuel system service", which is supposed to offer "complete fuel system cleaner", $2.99 for "...
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Engine smooth after techron then rough again [closed]

I used techron additive. After a gas tankful, the engine is smooth and powerful as new. However after another tankful of normal gas the engine is rough and sluggish again. Why is this happening? ...
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What is seafoam? What does it do? How do you use it?

Mech's seem to get a real rubbery one about Seafoam. Is it just fuel additive, like something similar to Lucas Oil? Do I just pour it into my gas tank as a gas treatment? What will it do/help ...
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Is it necessary to pour additives to fuel? [closed]

What additives, if any, should be added and how often?
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