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Questions tagged [front-wheel-drive]

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Steering Wheel Lost Sensitivity

After driving a 340 mile round-trip I realized that my car didnt feel right driving local this morning. My steering wheel lost some of its sensitivity. It just feels too "loose". I have a 2019 Honda ...
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Shudder vibration under acceleration in front-wheel-drive, but completely fine when rolling?

I have a 2013 Honda CRV front-wheel drive. It has a nasty shuddering vibration when driving on the freeway. This vibration only occurs under acceleration, it goes away when off the gas and just ...
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Most Likely Source of Metallic Clang When Dropping Clutch on FWD Car

When I drop the clutch at 6RPM (or whatever RPM to spin wheels rather than bog down), on cars other than dedicated performance cars, it's usually followed by one or several metallic bangs. It sounds ...
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