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2015 Kia forte ignition lock repair

I had my ignition broken during a failed theft. I have since purchased an ignition cylinder lock with new keys. If it's just a standard key that goes in the ignition and has no fob or flip out key ...
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2015 Kia Forte Intermittent Low Voltage Occurrences - P0562

2015 Kia Forte I’m hoping people can throw some ideas to this one, we are really struggling to pinpoint the issue. Many thanks in advance. Issue Summary: Intermittently, while driving, my car will ...
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Slow power window issue

On my 2021 Kia forte, the passenger side power window behaves strangely. The window rolls down just fine. However, when closing it, it begins rolling up in the normal rate, but half-way up gets slower ...
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Changed out radio and getting battery discharge error when engine running

So today changed out my Kia radio that was in my Kia Forte 2020. Seems my country brought in the low spec model at the time. This is the old radio: I changed it out to the touch screen that usually ...
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Brand new 2022 Kia Forte GT

Just got a brand new car and I drove 5 miles to my locations and 5 miles back and when I put it in park that’s when the emergency brake light turned on I didn’t even see it on beforehand … but if I ...
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I have a 2015 Kia Forte I have put two Alternators on it within the last 2 weeks why do they keep failing?

Alternator failure: have put two Alternators on within the last 2 weeks second one just failed again what seems to be the problem dealerships it has to be something other than that alternator do you ...
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2011 Forte lurching when accelerating

I have a 2011 Kia Forte SX with dual(-ish) transmission (shifting paddles on the wheel, and a slot by the shifter to move up or down gears). It currently has 62k miles on it, and was taken to a Jiffy ...
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Glove box on Kia Forte 2010 won't open. What are my options for opening it?

The glove compartment has a flimsy plastic latch to open and close. Mine hasn't worked in over a year. It was not working well for a while and eventually it just stopped working all together. When I ...
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