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Questions tagged [forced-induction]

A method of increasing volumetric efficiency on an internal combustion engine.

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Can I Relocate The PCV Air Invlet Line from the Air Tube into the Air Box?

If I relocate the PCV valve line into the air box housing, will I gain engine performance and efficiency?
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Lower Temp Thermostat for Forced Induction?

Is there a case to be made for a low temp. thermostat for a factory N/A engine that has been supercharged? I am considering a future project where I'd supercharge a 2L engine, running a modest 7-8 psi ...
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Do turbo-charged engines have stronger internals? [closed]

Of course this question applies to engines that come from the factory turbo charged. But to rephrase the question in a better way, do the internals of an engine designed to handle boost need to be "...
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The Kawasaki H2R Motorcycle has a blower, why doesn't it have an intercooler?

Why no intercooler when it has a blower? My understanding is compressed air fuel mixtures have an increase in heat and are therefore prone to detonation. In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage at ...
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What exactly is ram air induction?

As far as I can tell, a ram air induction kit performs a similar purpose to a turbo or supercharger in that it is designed to force more air in to the engine, boosting power output of the engine. Fuel ...
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Why or why not increase engine efficiency by running the car "fuel-lean" (using a turbo or supercharger)?

Everyone wants their cars to use less fuel, right? I read the following passage about running the car fuel lean from this website: Run the engine fuel-lean, that is, use excess air. It is well ...
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Two-Stroke Diesel Engine - Do they use forced induction on them?

As I have indicated before, I'm very diesel ignorant. I just know the basics, very basics. In a two-stroke diesel engine using forced induction seems necessary but at the same time I see challenges. ...
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ALS (anti lag system) - What are the various types of ALS systems used on forced induction vehicles?

I have a very basic understanding of one anti lag system on some models of Toyota Celica. I am interested if anyone knows the various types of Anti-lag Systems that exist in the real world and/or ...
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roots blower pressure on Detroit 2 cycle Diesel 371 cubic inches

I need the blower pressure for a Detroit 2 cycle Diesel 371 cubic inch Oliver 99 tractor
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Supercharger Components That Can Fail

I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, with the supercharged 3800. I recently made a trip from Meridian, MS to Cincinnati, OH, and back again (roughly 600 miles one way). With the car being relatively ...
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What is the function of a blow-off valve vs a wastegate?

I am waiting for a 2013 STI and have been looking into upping the performance, but before I go down that road I would like to thoroughly understand the components in a forced induction vehicle. I've ...
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Why does a Turbocharger only produce boost when the engine is under load?

Why does a turbocharged car only produce significant boost whilst the engine is under load? Is is something to do with how much exhaust is being produced or is there some kind of valve mechanism that ...
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