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2010 Toyota FJ cruiser Transmission shudder

I have a 2010 Toyota FJ cruiser. Has about 250k miles. I noticed a shudder at about 35-40 miles an hour as well as at 55-60 mph. Took it to Toyota dealership and was told it was the transmission and I ...
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Toyota Land crusier GRFE1 2015 Engine Part name?

This is a Toyota engine picture online of a car engine similar to mine can somebody help me and tell me what is this part? It is a picture of a Toyota FJ Cruiser.
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A strange behavior when releasing gas pedal in neutral

I've bought a new Toyota FJ Cruiser about 6 months ago. Since the early months I accidentally noticed that right after I rev-up my car engine to more than 3000 rpm in neutral or P gears and release ...
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2012 FJ Cruiser shudder

My 2012 FJ Cruiser has just over 20k miles on it. It behaves oddly when going from stopped to moving, especially when stopped on a decline. The vehicle, when going from stopped to moving, will ...
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Fj cruiser rear diff lock

I bought a 2009 FJ cruiser and I can see the rear differential lock motor on the rear differential but I don't have any switch inside to activate it ? Is there any way to add a switch to be able to ...
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Turning back rust on frame welds on a FJ Cruiser

I recently purchased a 2007 FJ cruiser up here in the north where we use lots of salt. The only issue I noticed with this vehicle (and about half of the FJs I looked at) was rust developing along the ...
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