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How do I apply wax on a vehicle?

So I just got Meguiar's Cleaners Wax and it's my first time waxing. I'm going to completely hand-wax my car myself. Should I wipe the wax on in a circular motion or back and forth? Any other tips?
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2 answers

How do I apply a high quality and lasting finish on trim pieces?

I'd like to repaint some of the exterior trim pieces on my car, but I'm not an autobody expert and I suspect having them done professionally will be quite expensive. Some of the pieces are currently ...
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9 votes
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Recondition clear coat?

The clear coat on my car's finish is getting kind of tired, dull and scratchy. Is there any way to recondition and renew it? I assume I will need to polish the existing clear coat somehow and then ...
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Wheel rim chrome repair

I recently bought a used vehicle which has some aftermarket rims on it. For whatever reason the previous owner failed to take good care of them and there are areas of them (some are 2 or 3 inches) ...
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What is Neo-Chrome?

Is anyone familiar with the process of neo-chrome plating and how it works? It is a different finish than burnt titanium, but seems to involve a heating method in some way to give it the rainbow ...
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What are the properties of a car painted using electrostatic coating?

When I was younger, I had a bike that I was told was chromed with electrostatic coating, and was very scratch resistant. So, I used a razor blade to scrape the stickers off of the bike. I didn't ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How do I finish my DIY, single-stage paint job to a gloss?

After driving around with a huge hole in my front bumper cover for two years, I finally decided to replace it myself. I bought a new bumper cover through my local friendly auto body supply store, ...
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