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An Italian Automaker

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What is this wire circled in green in the picture below that connects to the distributor body?

This green circled wire as you can see in the picture below connects to the lower part of the distributor body and it looks like its on top of the wiring for the condenser as well. Is this some sort ...
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Is it legal to put a Ferrari engine in another car if you are not certified by Ferrari? [closed]

Two colleagues of mine are arguing. One says that you cannot put a Ferrari engine into another car without being a certified Ferrari mechanic. Well you can do it... but unless the mechanic was ...
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What type of Ferrari's came with wire wheels?

I always thought wire wheels was a British thing but recently I saw a very neat looking Classic Ferrari with wire wheels. Was this odd for an Italian car? Did they come stock with these or was it just ...
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Ferrari 3.0L V8 - muffler positioning, and x-flow for specific sound

I am re-designing a Ferrari exhaust system with 2 objectives: 1: enhance the specific high pitch raspy sound that you expect from a small Ferrari V8. 2: achieve a good free-flow design. There is ...
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