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A piece of hardware whose only function is to physically hold something else on by applying a sustained force. Includes nuts, bolts, screws, clips and rivets.

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"Always Replace" (torque-to-yield) Bolts

I'm working on a VW Jetta and have pulled one of the suspension ball joints to replace a drive shaft. The three bolts holding the ball joint to the lower control arm are marked in the Bentley service ...
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Torque specification thread lubricant best-practice as specified by manufacturers

I've been working recently from a Honda service manual. There are, of course, torque specifications documented for various fasteners used throughout the vehicle. I cannot find, however, any mention of ...
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how do I identify this bolt for local purchase?

This comes off of a DeWalt Powerwasher DP3750. The Dewalt part number is 18300. Specifications are 375-16X1.75 FL. They want 7 bucks for this bolt online. Drilling down here (to find later at ...
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