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2001 Chevy 1500 Silverado 4x4

I got a 2001 had the 4.8 in it swapped to the 5.3 and programmed it run good for two days changed the idle air sensor and now when you crank it it sputter and rev up to 4000 rpm out the old one back ...
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High rpm at idle

I changed my spark plugs and ignition coils a few days ago and I’m sure I did everything correctly , but after I put everything back together and started the car the rpm was up around 4000 . Idk if I ...
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Mitsubishi Mirage stalling on start, fast idling

Mitsubishi Mirage 2017. When I first start the motor, it turns over and starts, but immediately stalls unless I pump the gas to bring the RPM over 1500 for about 20-30 seconds (normal idle RPM is ...
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1999 Ford Ranger with a high idle

Over the past year or so, my 1999 Ford Ranger would slowly return to idle RPM after removing my foot from the gas pedal. At first, the RPM hang only happened during the hot summer months. The RPM ...
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Higher idle after throttle body cleaning in 2009 rav4

I had idle issues so I cleaned the throttle body after noticing quite a lot of carbon buildup. Before cleaning the normal idle was 700, but now it idles at 950 and increases to 1050 when taken out of ...
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Car Idles Really High Sometimes

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l V8 (Automatic). I have this issue were randomly my car will idle high. I start it up and the rpms go to 2500 and eventually get down to 2000 which is a bug jump from ...
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Idle speed on Ford KN Laser 1999 Auto switches between 1500 and 900 RPM

Ever since I've had my 99 Ford KN Laser Auto, I've been plagued with idling issues. When I first got it, it was barely idling at about 500 RPM. I've replaced the plugs, TPS and crank sensor after it ...
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Can you clean the idle air control on a 2002 Ford Escape

It looks like this. There are two reasons I suspect the idle air control might be faulty. When you start the engine the RPMs shoot straight up to 4000 for a second or two before going down to ...
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2001 katana 600f

I bought this bike not running. Did simple stuff like plugs, fresh fuel, air filter, and so on. My problem ous the bike starts great and runs strong for about 5 to 10 min or approximately a mile or 2 ...
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Car revs higher in idle after mechanic

I have a 2001 1.6 Ford Focus which has just been to the garage, where it had cam belt and water pump replacement, brake replacement and a full service. Ever since this, it has been revving higher ...
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Very high RPMs when in neutral and moving - Manual transmission

I have a 2003 Ford Escape, 2.0L, manual transmission. I am experiencing a very strange issue. If I am driving (moving), and shift into neutral, the RPMs will rise up to 3500 about, and stay there ...
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2014 Ninja 300 idle/throttle issue

Back Story Recently my bike had an issue twice while riding that the throttle seemed like it was sticking. I'd be accelerating and when I let off the throttle, it would continue to accelerate. It ...
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2005 WRX Idle RPM Increasing in Traffic

My car is a 2005 Subaru WRX Wagon. It has 120 000 miles and has had all the regular servicing. Last night I did some highway driving and then hit stop/go traffic. After about 10 mins in the ...
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engine rpm stay far higher than idle when hot

I bought a Yamaha XJR 1300, 4 cylinders air-cooled with carburetors. It has a problem known from the sale (hence a very decent price), when the engine is hot, the rpm tend to stay higher than the ...
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Car Idling High, but with no apparent vacuum leaks

The car is a 2002 Nissan Almera 1.8L ATX. Normally the car idles in park about around 700 - 800 rpms and was showing a long term fuel trim of about -10%. Then one day I was sitting in park and all ...
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RPM wildly fluctuates while idling

Recently replaced the EGR valve, a bunch of vacuum hoses, and removed & cleaned the throttle body on my 2000 Nissan Frontier (manual transmission). The entire vacuum system was clogged with carbon ...
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Renault Clio 2002 high idling on startup

I have a Renault Clio 2002 and when started it idles at 3000rpm I have been told it could be a issues with the coolant temp sensor as it tested at -30C.
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RPM rising to 3000 in neutral and Parking gear this happen after travelling 10 to 20 kms

I have Hundai Accent 2011 model with Automatic transmission,after traveling 10-20 kms when I change gear to neutral or park, the RPM rises to 3000 and doesn't come down. I took the car to the Hyundai ...
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2010 Ford Taurus in neutral has higher idle speed

I have this question which really puzzles me. I'm from Europe and used to drive manual. I used to shift to neutral going down the hill to save on gas. Now I moved to the USA and I have cars that use ...
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Idle gets stuck at 2000RPM

I have a friend with a 1989 Toyota Camry Wagon and the idle occasionally gets stuck at 2000RPM. In order to get the idle unstuck, we have to press down the gas, kick up the revs and then it will ...
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No fluid under thermal sensor | '89 Jeep Cherokee reserve cooling system won't drain? | Car dies while running? & Car dies without running?

!importantclosed-cooling-systemcherokee-89laredo6-cylender4-liternon-startstalling I'm wondering if the vacuum went bad, or if it could be anything else? !PULL THE METAL LEVER UNDER THE VACUUM WHILE ...
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High revs after changing spark plugs

I have an '07 Chrysler Town & Country. Check Engine Light came on 2 weeks ago, ran the diagnostics : Misfire in cylinder 3. So we changed the spark plug in that cylinder to see if that was the ...
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Fast idle when engine is hot

I have a 2001 Buick Century. Lately, after driving around long enough for the engine to get hot, the idle speed will sometimes race. The car will want to surge forward even when I'm not giving it ...
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