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Replacing rusty trunk dampener - one or both?

I noticed that one of the trunk (boot) dampeners, on my Skoda Fabia mk2 estate from 2011, is rusted to the point of the metal bulging. I decided to replace it, thinking that if it fails, the boot is ...
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Skoda Fabia AC not cooling after 35-40 minutes

My 2008 Petrol skoda fabia does not cool after 35-40 minutes. The Ac blows out air but it's not cool. Last year I had changed the compressor and condenser and the problem started since then. Earlier ...
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Some electric component misbehaving

I have a Skoda Fabia MK2 which is causing some strange issues which I am not able to find the cause for: For some time the electric windows on driver and front passenger (back seat have manual) have ...
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Deciphering Skoda handbook

My mum's new Skoda Fabia has some obscure instructions relating to the windscreen-wipers. It says "tip-wiping" - what on earth is that? And it refers to the "sprung position" - is ...
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Clutch fails to fully disengage, order of diagnosis

I'm about to get my hands on a 2001 Skoda Fabia 1.4 MPI (6Y) Manual which has a clutch fault. The clutch does not slip and once the car is moving, it's possible to drive it relatively normally. ...
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Skoda Fabia 2007 - 2014 Damp Passenger Footwell

This is the second winter that the passenger footwell carpet of my 2009 Skoda Fabia has been wet. I am not sure what is causing it, and would like suggestions on the most likely things to investigate. ...
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Skoda Fabia windows don't work, at night one window opened

My dad has Skoda Fabia and there's two front windows that should open/close with buttons, but it doesn't work for 5 months (other two windows at back open manually). Yesterday at night(after rain) ...
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