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1967 f100 water not flowing through radiator

Water isn't flowing through radiator unless you press the gas pedal, acts like its running hot but temperature gauge never shows it going above normal . Thermostat is new and temperature sensor is new ...
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73 F100 ignition

73 F100 Electronic distributor (no points) **NEED CORRECT WIRING FOR/TO EACH OF THESE DEVICES ** Ign switch (Blk w/grn, Yellow, Red, Pink & two Red w/grn - on one terminal ) ICM (2 + 4 w/Blue ...
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1973 F100 360 FE 5.9L Stalls when put in gear

I've got a 73 F100 with a 360 FE and a C6 transmission. It idles fine but stalls when put in gear, with somewhat of a jump. New holley carb on it. Any idea why? I've also notice the idle speed going ...
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Trying to fasten a steel tube to an exhaust manifold

Does anyone have experience trying to fasten/connect a small diameter steel tube to a cast iron exhaust manifold? I'm working on a 1979 Ford F-100 with a 300 CID/4.9L inline 6 engine. Part of the ...
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Where can A/C condenser be located other than in front of radiator?

1953 F-100 w/ 428 Cobra Jet FE motor. I want to spare my grill and avoid putting the condenser in front of the radiator. Plus, it's already a beast to cool in hot weather, and I live in hell. (It's ...
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