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An alcohol often used as a gasoline additive.

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Does converting an older motor to ethanol have significant risk or damage?

A specialist Chrysler garagiste helped me figure out some programming issues for free over a phone call, and he said "I wouldn't advise converting an older motor to ethanol, because the bearings ...
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Can the mileage received from ethanol and gasoline be equalized?

Is there technology to equalize the energy density of ethanol and gasoline? I found the below article about equalizing its calorific value. Have got the formula to equalize the calorific value of ...
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Is it feasible to remove ethanol from gas using water?

I've read in several places online that ethanol can be removed from gasoline by adding water, mixing vigorously, and allowing the water and gas to separate. From what I've read, it seems that ethanol ...
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Ethanol or non-Ethanol?

Where I live gas is at $2.50 at 10% Ethanol at 87 octane and $2.90 for non-ethanol at 89 octane per gallon. I understand that smaller engines do not do well on ethanol. Is the loss of efficiency from ...
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E10 petrol safety

I sometimes visit Finland taking my car, though I am not living there. There's a kind of petrol marked E10. Somewhere I've read that this kind of petrol can be harmful for some kind of cars (for the ...
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Can I safely use E10 95 octane unleaded in motorbikes?

I live in a country where unleaded 95 octane fuel is disappearing in favour of its 10% ethanol-blended counterpart: 95 octane E10. The only non-ethanol unleaded alternative is unleaded 98 octanes. Now,...
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Can I fill my gas tank with E30 without any problems?

Can I fill my gas tank with E30? I notice others with my car doing it but I want to make sure before I do that.
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CEL comes on when using fuel with ethanol

I have 3 Ford vehicles: a 2001 Taurus, a 2006 Taurus, and a 2008 Explorer. All of them have V6 engines. The check engine light for all 3 comes on at times. If I use gasoline without ethanol, the CEL ...
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Is Stabil ethanol treatment a suitable alternative to ethanol-free gas?

I'm not a fan of the E10 ethanol-blended fuel (10% ethanol/90% gasoline) that is extremely common here in the US. I'm no expert, but I've heard and read that it is often damaging when used in either ...
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Need explanation on Commanded EGR and ethanol%

There are 2 PIDs listed in this Wiki page - Commanded EGR and ethanol%. I have tried getting the values from some cars but have not succeeded. I am curious to know what do these 2 PIDs mean? Can ...
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Why is there no drop-in biogasoline like there is drop-in biodiesel (e.g. NEXBTL)?

I have always wondered why there is no drop-in biogasoline like there is drop-in biodiesel. For example, NEXBTL by Neste can be run at 100% mixture in conventional diesel engines. It is different from ...
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Does E85 fuel increase oil consumption?

I have a 2003 Opel Meriva which I run on 50% gas / 50% E85. According to my own experience and Meriva forums, this is about as much ethanol as the engine can take without tripping the engine ...
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Would ethanol-free gasoline avoid damage related to low usage?

My Mom recently got a brand new Tacoma and the dealer told her that she might want to consider Ethanol-free gas as it would prevent the engine from becoming "jacked up" (damaged) if not driven for a ...
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I accidentally fueled my car with E10 (10% ethanol). What should I do next?

So I have a 2000 Honda Civic LX that is around 130k miles now. In Las Vegas, I put E10 (I hadn't known what it was before this...), and had to get it fixed. The engine light had started blinking and ...
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What percentage of ethanol can my ford take?

What is the highest percentage of ethanol my car can take? I have a ford escape 2007. I have been putting in either 10% or 20%. Thank you
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Small Engine Storage

I get conflicting info concerning small 4-cycle engine storage and would appreciate any recommendations. My snowthrower is stored in the off season April thru Oct. The manual for the engine says run ...
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Can I use 10% ethanol gasoline on equipment that recommends against it?

Not as simple as the title suggests.. I wouldn't hesitate to drive a few more miles to find ethanol-free gas for the snow blower and generator, but there is none to be found. After looking around ...
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What is E85 gasoline and how can I avoid it?

My new mower says not to use E85 gasoline. What is E85 gasoline, why should I avoid it, and how do I know if I'm buying it?
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Is it even possible to buy gasoline anymore that does not contain ethanol in the US?

I can't remember the last time I went to a gas station and it didn't have a notice that the gas contained some quantity of ethanol. As I understand it, ethanol is harder on my engine than regular ...
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