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I lost the key to my 97 ES300 Lexus

I have a Lexus ES 300 97 and I lost the key is there a Toyota compatible with the electronic control module key key fob so I can go to the junkyard and hopefully get a new one instead of paying $500 ...
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Car wont go past 20mph before stalling out- 2003 lexus es300

timeline of issue: -battery light comes on -AutoZone employee says to replace the alternator -car won't start at night, so I get a friend to jump start it -while driving home the car starts to die....
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Turn in which direction to loosen the bolts for engine torque mount?

For a 1997 Lexus ES300, what is the direction to turn the wrench when I want to loosen the bolts for removing the motor mount? The one I'm trying to replace is the one on top that is very accessible ...
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My Lexus ES 300 2003

My car was sitting and had not been started in a month when I returned home I had AAA jump the battery. Car would turn over but would only stay on for a few seconds. Tried this twice. Also key fab ...
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Air Pressure With Wheel Change [duplicate]

2003 Lexus ES 300, 3439 pounds weight, 61 to 39 front rear weight ratio. Factory wheel/tire size is 215 60 R16. The door sticker says 29 psi both front and back. My new wheel/tire size is 225 45 R18. ...
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