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what is required to get an 05 subaru impreza ej20 engine running in another car

i have picked up a subaru ej22 out of an 05 impreza. it came with the ecu, central locking unit, ignition barrel/switch, key security module and door locks. i am heading to a wreckers next week to ...
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Replace top of engine or entire engine block? Suzuki gn250 (overheated engine)

I have a suzuki gn 250 motorcycle (1997) which had an oil leak recently (rocker cover seal was leaking) causing the engine to overheat which in turn caused damage to the camshaft/camshaft bearings. ...
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96 nonvtec motor convert to vtec and put into a 94 honda del.sol

Newby to auto industry. What do I need to do to put a 96 1.6 non VTEC motor in a 94 Honda equiped for a 1.6 VTEC?
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1989 Dodge 250 V8 318 camper van

I have a 1989 Dodge 250 V8 318 camper van that I took the motor out of and put it in a swamp buggy the computer has a diagram on it that says it requires an 8 volt supply to one of the wires but I ...
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golf mk4 1.6 sr engine swarp to 2.0 AZJ

good day. iam trying to change my AKL 1.6 motor to a AZJ 2.0 it a possible thing? and what else would i have to change
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What are the dimensions of Toyota's U660E Transaxle?

I want to do an engine and transaxle swap. 2GR-FE + U660E into a non-Toyota vehicle. I have the dimensions of the Engine thanks to the internet. I don't have the dimensions of the transaxle - Length, ...
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Can I replace the engine of a 3.7L Liberty with that of a different year?

My Jeep Liberty 2010 3.7L engine broke down and I was wondering if I could replace it with the engine of a Jeep Liberty 2003 3.7L. I heard there can be trouble with the computer, what kind? Thanks for ...
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What engine are comparable to swap in a Kia Sorento 2.5l 2009

Oil pump has buggered my engine so looking for a replacement. Have been told Hyundai would swap, but clueless as what year model year ect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. My is 2009
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rav4 2L diesel, 2002, engine failure

engine gone in my 2002 rav 4, 2L, diesel, but can i replace it with an avensis, corolla 2L diesel or other toyota? obviously keeping my original turbo, starter etc. mark
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Bolt-on crate motor not bolting on

Barb cooked the 5.7 Hemi on our 2008 Chrysler 300c. A broken heater hose was the cause. We purchased a 5.7 hemi crate motor that is 2011. This motor has VVT. The old blown Hemi just has cylinder ...
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