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How to detect the "engine on" condition from an OBD2 reader apparatus without using OBD2 polling?

I am planning/designing an OBD2 logger which should detect engine start to begin operation (detecting engine off is trivial since logging via OBD2 is already going on). Since the device should consume ...
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2 answers

Long cranking, then starts, then Check Engine Light On

I have a 2009 Honda Accord with about 150k miles on it. Over the last couple weeks I noticed the crank time getting slightly longer then today it took a really long time before turning over and now ...
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Coleman ct100u engine, no start

Verified igniton system is good, cleaned and gapped plug. The engine is is essentially pushing out gas from the carb side and not wanting to start, I don’t know what else to add I’m not really ...
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Starter scratching sound, cold and hot starts Turn up your volume, when I crank and only when I crank there’s a scratching sound coming from the engine bay, nothing after I release the key when the engine starts. Is ...
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Mercedes Benz E280 engine won't stop

My car started then I drove out of the compound afterwards the engine refuse to stop after I turned it off with the key and removed it. Please advice
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2 answers

Stumbling when starting after garaged

I started parking my 98 Honda Civic Ex in the garage and not driving anywhere from 1-3 days. I've noticed when starting it stumbles and feels like a very slight misfire for about 5-10 seconds then ...
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2010 VW Golf MAPS sensor issue/car won't start

Brought my car in to deal with the check engine light. The mechanic told me it was a problem with the MAPS sensor, which we got him to replace. The car worked fine for one day following the repair. ...
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Higher idle RPM on first start at morning

Unlike starting the car in the afternoon, after you've already started it at another time of the day. I understand that the higher RPM can be because of the temperature, however on hot days it's still ...
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