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Rod knock disappears on engine warmup

I have something that sounds like rod knock on my '04 Chevy Silverado with a 4.8L V-8. The reason I think it's not really rod knock is cause it's worst when it's really cold outside (think sub-zero ...
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Engine knock - goes away at high rpm and when not in load

I noticed a knocking noise on my Ford Focus 1.8tdci 74kw from 2004. The car is old, so it might be the end for it. Nevertheless, I would like to diagnose the problem if possible. You can hear the ...
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Toyota Kluger/highlander 2007 random engine knocking sound at start

Before I start, I have read this thread and it doesn't help Toyota Highlander 2015 rattle sound at (cold) start. For the past few months, my car started making a rattling/knocking sound (Don't exactly ...
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Car making a weird noise

My husband hit 115 mph in our 2013 Hyundai Senada it shut off but started right back up and drove fine. We went home in about an hour later went to take it to the store was doing about 55 mph and all ...
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Dominar 250- engine knocking - rainy days

I have a dominar 250, covered 20000 kms. Last week I did 5th service. I'm facing engine knocking and bike oftens fails to respond on acceleration on rainy days. Mileage also dropped from 35kmpl to ...
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How can find if the CDI of my bike is working fine?

I have a 2001 Yamaha RX 135 2 stroke motor bike and have installed an aftermarket performance CDI which claimed to give me better performance and RPM rev. But since I have installed it I seem to feel ...
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How to determing between Valve knock or Rod knock?

I've got an almost completely rebuilt 2002 Ford Focus 2.0L Split Port Engine and its got a knock. I'm having a hard time figuring out if its valve knock or rod knock. To add some background, I had ...
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What could this engine noise be? - Kawasaki KLX300

So, Long story short, I made (what is now) a regrettable purchase of a 2001 Kawasaki KLX300 with tapping noises coming from the engine. Additionally, the engine is low on compression and is burning ...
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Civic knocking while pushing harder and acceleration lag

I have civic 98 with D16Y4 engine with automatic transmission. It knocks while pushing gas harder during high revs. I'm currently using ron 92 and I tried ron 97 but faced knocking on all I even ...
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2006 Toyota Sienna overheating and now knocking?

This is my first post so bear with me, please. About a month ago I was given a 2006 Toyota Sienna. The first two weeks it was driving like a dream and very quiet. It has about 350,000 miles. The ...
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Loss of Power and increased engine knock in my 2011 Ford Ranger Truck. Bad Gas or Bad Oxygen Sensor?

This past summer I've been noticing that my truck is not making the same power as it used too and I've noticed a pronounced increase in engine knock (detonation). The detonation usually occurs when I ...
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Possible Causes of an Engine Tick?

I own a 1999 Mercury Cougar, running the 2.5L Duratech DOHC V6. I was recently out with a friend drifting (not the smartest idea, especially since my engine was already running rough), and while ...
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Drove over a semi-large rock and now vehicle vibrates in Park - Goes away in Drive

So... I hit a rock pretty bad over the weekend :(. I was going about 100KM/h maybe less, and it was smaller then a basketball sized rock, but it did some damage and jolted me/vehicle. I immediately ...
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2001 F150 4.2 V6 knocking noise

I have a loud knocking noise in my engine. It stopped for awhile but is back. I just replaced the heads and all gaskets, due to overheating. Now have it back together and it's knocking still. It keeps ...
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Your opinion on my "rod knock"

I have a 1992 Toyota pickup with 90,000 miles. It has always been taken care of. One day I noticed a knock, which was barely noticeable. You couldn't even hear it with the heater on but it ...
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1 answer

Audi A6 2005 - Engine knocking / ticking

Lately my petrol engine (2.4L V6, Audi A6 C6 '05) started to sound more like a diesel engine. It feels like, whenever I give the tiniest amount of gas, there is some knocking noise. However, let's ...
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