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Electrical components that monitor or control the engine and other vehicle systems, or that provide entertainment, information, or network access. Engine Control Units (ECUs), their sensors, radios, navigation systems, and rain sensors are examples of *electronic* components. Compare with *electrical* components which distribute, switch, and consume electricity as a source of power – such as the battery, alternator, fuses, lights, starter, and sparkplugs.

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What happens if I disconnect the battery while the car is running?

There are some comments on the question Are there any modern diesel engines that require electricity to continue running? suggesting that disconnecting the battery while the car is running can damage ...
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Read steering angle data in real time

I need to read vehicle steering angle (front wheel angle) data in real time for a research project that I am involved in. How can I achieve that? What HW and SW do I need for it? So far I can think ...
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Are all drive-by-wire cars completely (brakes, clutch, gas, steer) by wire?

I've recently purchases a manual transmission 1.5 Honda Mobilio. Which claimed to be a drive by wire vehicle and I assume it really is (don't know how to tell if a car is drive by wire). I am a new ...
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Tapping into the on-board computer

I'm thinking of replacing my car's radio panel with a custom built Raspberry Pi device, something like this device. However, it's usefulness would be much larger, if I could get information from the ...
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VSS accuracy at low speeds

Background I recently got a P1500 code on my 98 Mazda 626 GF. I hooked up my computer using ForScan and cleared the code. It didn't come back after three slow test drives around the parking lot. Here ...
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Fuel Economy Gauge Modification

I have a little digital screen in my dash that re-evaluates my average fuel consumption (L/100km) every thirty seconds. How can I modify this to increase the reporting frequency? Preferably, at least ...
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Do OBD2 Hud Head Up Displays use battery when engine is off?

I am buying an OBD2 Head Up Display. It has a screen where it shows readings etc. Manufacturer claims the item turns off when the engine is off too, and this is true from the videos I have watched. It ...
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