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Questions tagged [efficiency]

Generally speaking, the ratio of how much work a component or apparatus does to the amount of energy or power it uses.

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Results surprising said lab reporter of emission testing on Toyota Qualis Diesel 4 wheeler on AVL DiTest MDS 205

I got emissions of Toyota Qualis Diesel car tested with the AVL DiTest MDS 205, the result sheet had following columns rpm, temp, secs, CO(%vol.), CO corrected, CO2(% vol.), HC(ppm),HC corrected(ppm),...
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Atkinson Cycle: Does the efficiency of a high-compression engine come from compression ratio, expansion ratio, or both?

I understand that, in an internal combustion engine, efficiency can often (up to a point) be improved by increasing the compression ratio, this being a major reason why diesel engines (which do not ...
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Is it more fuel efficient to transport gear in a low or high efficiency vehicle?

Let's say I have two vehicles that are driving to the same destination from the same origin with the same driving style along the way. One is a larger SUV vehicle and the other is a smaller more ...
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Does engine braking still save fuel at right above idle?

I'm trying to drive economically and my understanding is that as long as there is enough momentum in the car to keep the engine spinning while in gear at above idle the engine won't inject more fuel, ...
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When using a car to generate electricity, what factors affect its efficiency?

A group of friends and I are all going camping, and have some minor back-up power needs (and no generator). We're trying to figure out which of our cars is best to plug an inverter into: most ...
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Is it possible to produce Fuel Efficiency graph using OBD2 app

Can the Torque app be used to produce a Fuel Efficiency graph for my car, or do I need a specialist for this kind of information ? Generally I want to measure the most fuel efficient extra-urban ...
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Why don't we see many diesel hybrid cars?

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the efficiency of their cars to reduce fuel consumption and meet ever stricter emission standards, diesels are by design more efficient than ...
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Fuel Pump efficiency and life span

Does the weight of petrol in your tank help Pump to work better by pushing against/through pump so the Pump not having to pump so hard the Petrol?
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Could a wind turbine work for a car?

Could I attach a little fan to power a motorcycle alternator to be more efficient then running off the engine? Attach any where facing the wind on the vehicle to increase mileage from eliminating ...
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