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Oil in coolant but no coolant in oil 2014 Ford Edge 3.5

I just bought a 2014 Ford Edge 3.5L SE with 114,000 miles on it. I noticed oil in the coolant tank. I performed a very thorough coolant flush. Still oil in coolant. No coolant in the oil. I read ...
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07 Ford Edge: battery and alternator problems

Replaced alternator, fuses, temperature control sensor, the plug that goes to the alternator and battery. The battery light comes on a few minutes after crank. We check the voltage on alternator and ...
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Replaced front brakes and "AWD temporarily disabled" light coming on

My son replaced the front brake pads and rotors on my 2016 Ford Edge today. Afterwards I went for a drive and could smell a very strong "chemical" smell and the wrench light came on, then ...
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Axle spline on AWD damage

I went to replace a wheel bearing and noticed damage on the spline. The nut spun off fine, but I’m not sure if I should replace whole cv axle as well due to this. 2009 AWD FORD EDGE
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Ford Edge SE 2016 Wheel Noise

Have a Ford Edge SE 2016 where while driving,there is this rattling sound from the right rear tire. This only happens when we reach about 55 miles per hour and above. My assumption is the brake pads ...
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