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Should I retard the ignition timing on higher RPM on natural aspirated engine?

I'm confused whether I should advance or retard my scooter ignition timing on higher RPM (> 7000 rpm). When I open the default stock ECU settings, it seems retard the timing excessively on wide-...
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What kinds of tuning can ruin a car's ability to pass emissions testing?

Suppose I want to tune a car for performance, like doing an ECU re-map for a Toyota Supra. Could this affect the car's ability to pass emissions testing? If so, how? And in general, what kinds of ...
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Understanding ECU hex changes for language change

Is there a way to understand the ECU files hex changes applied by the software? I'm new to ECU files and struggling to understand possible areas of interest in the file. For example, when the language ...
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How accurate is the air-fuel-ratio set by the ECU?

I am analyzing the CAN, OBD and sensor data from my motorcycle (modern bike with throttle by wire, CAN-Bus, etc.) and I plan to measure some of the sensor data, i.e. the intake air temperature. ...
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ECU tune file formats

I'm new to the ECU (or chip) tune concept, and I try to understand what is going on there. I understand the concept and the goal, but I'm having difficulties to understand what is actually going on ...
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Why there is VE map if MAP sensor is available

Recently I'm digging deeper into motorcycle EFI topics and I'm not quite sure what is the relationship of VE table and MAP sensor. I'm trying to figure out why ECUs need VE table if they have MAP, ...
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Considerations for a successful VW 2004 Jetta 2.0L engine swap in place of a 1.6L engine

Vehicle make: Volkswagen Model: Bora Year: 2004 Issue: Swapped the 1.6L for a 2.0L. No programming of the ECU was necessary neither was a change of ECU necessary until vehicle started misbehaving - ...
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Uploading a tuning file to my car

I would like to remap my car myself. I will be buying a tuned map from for my Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI so I only need to download my stock map and upload the tuned stock map. What ...
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What is choppy throttle response and bad fuel mapping and can it be fixed?

I'm looking to purchase a motorcycle and according to it's wikipedia article it has two major flaws: Being the company's first fuel-injected 600cc sportbike, the initial 2000 model had choppy ...
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