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Fuse keeps blowing, "wrench" light is illuminated, and poor start-up idle and acceleration

A few weeks ago, the check engine light illuminated on my 2012 Ford E-350. My scan tool showed two codes: P2096 "Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1" and P2098 "Post Catalyst ...
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Dash AC does not blow e350

I have a Ford e350 van that does not blow out the dash vents but bows in the rear. The AC compressor is engaged. If I have the rear AC off and the front on (not blowing of course), I can get it to ...
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1996 Ford E350 5.8, Had difficulty starting, occasionally stalled at stop. Now cranks, but no spark, no fuel

Heading says most of it. For a while I could get it started with starting fluid, and it would be ok for a few days. But now cranks, but no spark, no fuel. New fuel filter, I jumped the relay for fuel ...
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How to remove the rear heater on an Econoline

So I'm currently in the process of gutting a 2005 E350 (a former wheelchair van with a raised roof) to turn it into a camper van. As part of this process, I went about removing the back heater. In ...
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Part with no hose connected in engine compartment

I've got a '96 Ford e350 van (5.8L V8), and after taking off the air filter box and hoses, I saw this piece: What part is that? And should there be a hose connected to it?
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Cold A/C in front, but none in back

I've got a Ford e350 (1996, 5.8L). Our front vent A/C works well, but the back blows what seems to just be vent. Not heat, but about the same temp as outside. History: We just recharged the A/C (...
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2009 Ford E350 Econoline Passenger van OEM Navi upgrade w Ford Sony Factory Amp

I purchased used Factory OEM units for my E350 Van, but not sure how the wiring harness attaches from the vehicle to the Amplifier to the Navi. The Amp is Sony 18B849 and the Navi is OEM Ford Model (...
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Ford Econoline Van AC Failing

If the vents start putting out hot air when accelerating or driving up hills but are ice cold when idling, is that a sign of a failing blower pump or leak? I am dealing with a Ford Econoline E350. ...
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Can I put 225/75R16 on a vehicle meant for 245/75R16?

I have a retired 2000 GMC Savanna 250 with 225/75R16 tires that have plenty of tread, no signs of dry rot, and are only 3 years old. My newer vehicle is a 2009 Ford E350 extended, and it needs at ...
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1996 Ford E350 Club Wagon - Brake pedal will not return

I have a 96' Ford E350 Club Wagon. When I press the brake pedal the brakes work great however the pedal does not return fully. I have bleed the brakes, exchanged all the old fluid, checked the few ...
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