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2001 MB E320 Shifted from Park to Drive Without Pressing Brake

My mom was driving a 2001 E320 with a passenger, and had parked on a slight upward incline. She stepped out of the vehicle to speak to someone, and as she returned to get her purse (but before she ...
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Mercedes-Benz battery charge warning light

I have a Mercedes-Benz model 2004 with V-6 petrol engine E320. On the dash-board a battery mark you can watch always unless you push the botton on steering wheel will disappear. And battery still ok , ...
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Mercedes E320 where is the starter relay

The ESP says it is malfunctioning. in a 2001 Mercedes e320, will that affect starting and where is the starter relay
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Mercedes 2002 E320 cranks but won't start, has new battery [closed]

Had my headlight changed by my ex, now the car wouldn't start. Took the battery in and replaced it. Got the battery put in. Now it cranks but doesn't start. Hoping it something simple like my alarm ...
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Vibration when Stopped in Gear with Foot on Brake

1998 Mercedes E320 (57,000 miles) My car has a bad vibration when in gear, but stopped with my foot on the brake. The vibration is not there in neutral, park, or reverse. This only happens before ...
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2002 Mercedes E320 - Exhaust getting into the cabin of the vehicle and causing headaches

Experiencing exhaust fumes in the car. It's causing eyes burning and headaches after driving the car for 30 minutes. The Dealer checked and found nothing wrong but every time after driving the car ...
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How do I determine the spark plug gap for a 1999 Mercedes E320 4matic Sedan?

I've been looking all over trying to see if there is any information but I haven't found it. I'm about to replace the spark plugs, but I need to know the correct gap. I purchased NGK 4696 Iridium ...
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I have a 1996 Mercedes e320 I constantly have to put coolant in the reservoir coolant levels always low [duplicate]

My Mercedes e320 has 186,000 miles on it. it is a 1996, I just purchased the vehicle so I do not know the history. every 15 or 20 miles or so, engine coolant level light comes on and I have to put ...
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