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A device that measures horsepower and torque.

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Stationary racing track to simulate driving (dynamometers?)

As part of maintenance we need to keep the cars in check, which includes monthly driving on the road for X miles depending on the car/model. Please avoid trying to prove this process is obsolete, it ...
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How accurate and precise is a dyno and why?

It was pointed out to me that if you do two back to back runs of the same car on the same dyno the graph of the results will be different. Also, if you run the exact same car on two different dynos ...
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How does a dynamometer work?

I don't have much to add here. Pretty simple. How does a dynamometer work? How are Horsepower and Torque measured as separate figures during a single dyno run? There are quite a few components and ...
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Dynamometer Question - How is it operated and what are they doing?

When guys are doing dyno runs they to do it in a gear, interact with the keyboard and then do it again in another gear. It seems they do multiple runs in multiple gears. In this post Paulster ...
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Measuring Horse Power and torque without a dynamometer

I know I can take my car to a workshop and have a Dyno Run and can read the HP and torque figures from that. What I want to know, is there an alternative way to know the HP and Torque figures without ...
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