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The short axle slides in and out of the gear easily by hand

Replaced my driver's side axle / driveshaft with a new one after I started getting vibrations while accelerating. Solved the vibration problem, but a few hundred kilometers later my gear box seized up....
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Electrical Short that goes away after restarting the vehicle

2010 Fiat Ducato 2.3L Turbo Diesel So I've got this really weird very intermittent short. Basically, every once in a while I'll stop at a stop light and notice the engine idling really high around ...
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2 answers

Vibrations when accelerating between 80 - 110 kph

2010 Fiat Ducato x250 2.3L Turbo Diesel When accelerating between 80-110 kph the vehicle shakes. The vehicle is completely fine below 80 kph and above 110 kph. The strength of the shaking is directly ...
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Cylinder head and block replacemnt

Wonder if you could help. I have a 1988 fiat ducato highwayman. My motorhome was taken into an expert engine services garage. The original problem was cylinder head gasket. The garage removed the head ...
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No Start: Bad starter solenoid, bad wiring, or a defective anti-theft system?

The vehicle is a 2010 Fiat Ducato (x250) 2.3L Turbo Diesel with an old third party Ituran anti-theft system. There are two codes U1602 CAN Line, Bus Off in the Instrument Cluster - intermittent D602 ...
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