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Stuck drum brake

I have seen many videos and online tutorials for disassembling a drum brake, but they all look different. The ones I see online have the bolts emerging from the rim where the drum slides as the ...
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What could cause drivers side brake drum wearing more than passenger side brake drum?

I have a 1997 Chevy Suburban and the brakes suddenly started feeling spongy (which is a different question) - I went through to inspect all my brakes and front brake pads look fine/reasonable wear, ...
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Do I need to replace drums when I replace drum shoes?

After watching a number of tutorials, I wanted to make sure it wasn't absolutely necessary to replace drums when I replace shoes and springs etc (I'm on a budget). Can someone confirm this and/or ...
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What are the signs of sticking brakes?

Since couple of days ago my car started to feel a bit more sluggish on initial launches and when i park it on a very slight slope with no handbrake pulled and gear in neutral, it doesnt start to roll ...
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Had my mechanic replace the front brakes on my '03 Toyota Camry and now it seems they have become warped

Around 4-6 months ago I had my front brakes replaced by my mechanic. After he had completed this job I was having trouble with my e-brake not setting strong enough and therefore not working properly. ...
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Brake fluid ran dry (ABS system)

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango with an ABS system. Earlier this week, I realized that one of my wheel cylinders had a leak, and I ran out of brake fluid (good thing it was not while driving). Anyways, I ...
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Gunk around wheel cylinder. (Drum brakes)

'07 Cobalt LS, rear drums I find some slightly sticky brown 'goo' around where this wheel cylinder mates with the backing plate. (Picture below) The other side doesn't have this. I don't find ...
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Changed power brake booster and drum brake rebuild and now the brake pedal sometimes gets stuck down while driving

What I did: I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy that I replaced the power brake booster and rebuilt the rear drum brakes (new brake shoes, springs, and wheel cylinders). I bled the rear drums since I replaced ...
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3 answers

I can not remove the rear brake drum from a Lancer 2013

Hi I have tried removing the drum on the car but it will not budge. I loosened the green screws, they popped out after they were only slightly turned. Please help....
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2 answers

Do all drum brakes have manual adjusters?

Recently I got chance to open drum brakes of Japanese kei car, and I was surprised because I couldn't find any star shaped manual adjuster. Is there a possibility that some vehicles don't have manual ...
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Brake shoes rubbing on drum

I recently installed new brake shoes on my car's rear drum brakes. Although the brakes are working ok I noticed the shoes are rubbing slightly on one wheel. It's only rubbing on one spot and I can ...
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1978 Jeep Wagoneer - Rotor problems

-I am trying to change the rotors on a 1978 Jeep Wagoneer (5.9L 4WD, Quadtrac), but in order to do that I need a special tool to remove the socket that holds the rotor, I don't know what tool that is. ...
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