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Questions tagged [drivetrain]

The group of components in a motor vehicle that generate power and deliver it to the road surface. These components can include the engine, transmission or transaxle, transfer case (if so equipped), drive line, and axles.

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Thumping/vibration linked with wheel rotation

I have a 1999 Mercedes C class with a wheel vibration. Its a pulsing kind of like tapping your finger on a table or driving over grooved roads. Its linked to vehicle speed and is apparent from really ...
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What could cause a clicking/popping noise when driving straight? (video)

Car is automatic front wheel drive Toyota. The sound comes on light-medium acceleration from speeds 15-35mph even when driving straight and it sounds just like a bad CV joint. In the video I have ...
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clunking noise over bumps from rear right 1997 ford ranger 3.0 liter 5 speed manual transmission

I've noticed a clunking sound coming from rear right side of my truck when going over bumps. It's a 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter manual 5 speed, has over 150,000 miles. Haven't found loose suspension, ...
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rapid driveline clanging on ice

('07 Cobalt; 50K miles; NO ABS, no traction control, no limited slip) First winter storm for this car. When accelerating or braking on poorly-plowed road (so, slush/ice/some pavement), I got a ...
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Oil leak at rear drive shaft... 86 jeep comanche

There is a new leak at the rear driveshaft. What could this be and how do i fix? Mechanics cost too much and are unreliable (past experience) the repair manual said if it leaks in the rear the problem ...
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Cracking noise when launching vehicle or at lower gear

I have a Nissan X-Trail 2002 manual with almost 300k on it. I know it's old, but it was the only secondhand manual SUV I could find. The last service was about than 3 months ago. I drove it into a ...
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Possible causes of rotational axle play and rattling

Car is a 2007 Saturn Aura AT A while ago I ran into a large rock with my passenger front wheel, insurance paid for the apparent damage but about a week later I started feeling rattling from that ...
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Where to learn about manual transmissions?

I own a 2007 ford fiesta ST150, which is a 2L FWD, so obviously it has a transaxle. I'm generally pretty comfortable working with my car, I'm only an amateur, a shade tree mechanic but I'll happily ...
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Automatic Car cannot drive forward, but will move in Reverse

Hey so my car was serviced last Wednesday, got an oil change and replaced the brake rotors and pads. And it was driving fine all of Thursday and then for whatever reason late Friday the car would ...
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When put into drive, the car makes a click/crunch noise after a second

2006 Honda Accord with almost 230K miles. When put into drive, the car makes a click about a second after the gear is put into drive. What could this be? Car drives and shift with no problem.
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02 ranger 3.0 4x4 auto trans 104,000 miles Possible drivetrain noise? Whining when coasting to a stop

Just did a lot of work to this truck, have had it 6 months now an motor is great and trans shifts as it should. Have done 2 oil changes on it every 3,000 miles 5w30 high mileage conventional, replaced ...
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Thumping and scraping sounds

I recently bought a 1995 Toyota Corolla that has been in a wreck. When accelerating, there's almost always a thumping sound that increases with tire speed. It gets louder if I turn left and goes away ...
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