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The act of getting rid of unwanted materials.

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disposing of old gasoline

I have an old car (1965 Mustang) that has a mostly full tank of old gasoline. I'd like to drain the fuel tank and refill with new gas prior to trying to start it. About the cheapest container I've ...
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Are car batteries meant to be disposable or are they re-chargeable?

My car battery is completely dead and I was wondering if they are meant to be thrown out or re-chargeable. The reason why I ask is because I keep reading that a car battery should last a few years, ...
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Do I need to eliminate old gas before changing fuel injectors?

I have a truck with a full tank of gas (12-16 gallons?) that's been sitting for 12 months and I'm about to change the fuel injectors. The truck can barely make it around the block due to stalling out ...
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How to dispose of battery terminal clean up leftovers?

Today I cleaned up the corrosion on the terminals of my car battery. I have a 2010 VW Jetta. I used a toothbrush and baking soda mixed with water to clean the battery terminals. Now the terminals ...
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