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Bajaj pulsar RS200 shuts off while trying to slow down or stop the vehicle

I have been a owner of pulsar RS200; ODO- 24,650, idling RPM-1.5, never touched FI system for servicing, just gone a round trip of about 400kms, by start of the ride filled tank, while returning while ...
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negative LTFT in bike

I have Bajaj Dominar 400 CC single cylinder bike with FI system.its 7k on odo now.Recently i pluged Diagnostic tool and found my LTFT is negative 11%.My bike has underbelly exhaust with catcon as ...
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Is putting the small sized Rear tire for bike increase the mileage?

I heard that putting small sized rear tire increase the mileage is that true? if true how does it makes difference than putting big sized tired to bike?
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Is it ok to put LED light for Hero Honda Splendor Head Light?

Current Hero Honda Splendor headlight is very dim. So I want to put LED for headlight . Is there any effect on battery by doing this?
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How can I increased mileage of my Bike

I have a Honda CB Shine 125cc bike. When I purchased it, it was giving me mileage of 50 km/L, but now it is reduced to 40 to 45 km/L. How can I increase the mileage of my bike and increase it up to 55 ...
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125cc moped light problems

I have a Direct Bikes 125cc Lynx moped. the front light is constantly going on and off (not all the time, just regularly and randomly). It's not noticeable in the day time to me, but now I ride home ...
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